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Sale – My Cousin’s Wife, Part One only .99 cents at Amazon today!

My Cousin's Wife, Part One: AmySean sleeps with Amy two days before her wedding and the spark is ignited after Sean discovers Amy masturbating and begging her husband’s best man to make love to her.  She is marrying his cousin who claims he does not need sex and she says she needs one more fling.

When Sean hears Amy begging the best man to ravage her two days before her wedding he knows something is wrong.  He watches Amy masturbate from a nearby closet and just watching her blows his mind.  When Amy discovers him watching her she seduces him and they enjoy an afternoon of wild heart pounding sex.  Nothing could have prepared him for this wild woman to advance into his life as she does.  It would be criminal not to make love to her.

This is the first of a three part series that will leave you breathless.

This is the new romance ebook from Sean Brandon.  Originally on sale for .99 cents Friday only, we are holding it over for only 0.99 cents through Saturday due to overwhelming response.  Pick up this sexy new book today!  This book contains sexy words but no dirty words!

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Wayne and Sandi continue their secret affair.  After a presentation in Madrid, Armando invites Wayne and Sandi to his retreat on the Mediterranean Sea.  The cool sea air is only one of the ingredients that prime these two for love.  Sexy Armando and Julieta have engaged in many multi-partner swaps and they have their eyes on Wayne and Sandi in this passionate and sexy story.

Excerpt from Madrid Affair with the Billionaire:

The sun was rising through the French doors that opened to the Mediterranean Sea.  Sandi was sitting astride Wayne, their hips moving together, thrusting into and with each other.  Her hands were pressed into the pillows beside his head and she pulled their lips together.  She moaned as they kissed, feeling that stirring inside of her that meant release was on its way again.  She pushed up and away from his face even as her hips began to ride him faster, their bodies slapping into each other with each stroke, chasing the release she needed so badly.  During sex she could release everything for those few seconds before returning to her life as a widow.

Wayne liked to kiss and they did it as often as they could.  But much as she enjoyed kissing Wayne she needed the sexual release they shared.  She had abstained from sex for over a year after her husband died but the delay only increased her need for sex.

Their affair had started when she dropped the ball on a major project then took control of the Madrid project and helped them sign a huge contract.  She and a select group had flown to Madrid for the presentation which was a treat in itself.  The rest of the team had been staying in the same hotel and she and Wayne had decided they needed to remain discreet and not try to sneak away from the others for a tryst.  Their affair had been going on in secret for over a month now and they both were enjoying the sex.  Wayne asked Sandi to stay in Madrid while the rest of the team flew back to Los Angeles and she had happily agreed.  Wayne had become the CEO of a multi-billion dollar enterprise and had to think about perception, especially since they were in the perception management business.

Wayne pushed Sandi over onto her back causing them to separate, but he quickly lay on top of her and guided his firmness inside of her once again.  She gasped as he began to thrust into her even as he pulled one leg up and placed it on his shoulder.  He continued thrusting as he placed the other leg over his other shoulder, then took one of the pillows lying on the bed and placed it under her hips, raising her sex up to him.

He withdrew and started to kiss her breasts but she wanted something different.  “Inside of me, Wayne, now!” she called out as her hand found his hardness and pulled it to her.  Wayne thrust into her and increased the tempo.  He enjoyed a full range of sexual activities and had been exploring many of them with the lovely Sandi, but there was nothing as satisfying as a good hard pounding of flesh into flesh, taking them both toward the orgasmic conclusion they needed.


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Please read this article – Banning Indie Pubbed Books #freespeech

I think Michelle has written a very good article about the recent bannign of Indie published books.  Even just love storries:

Banning Indie Books

If you enjoy erotica and protecting your right to decide what you buy and read, please read and like this post from Selena Kitt. Selena is a massively successful author and entrepreneur and has written a very informative piece.

Porn Hunt 2013: Gossip Boys “Researching” Porn Real Hard

Good Sister Bad Preacher 4This new book is only .99 cents for today.  View it here at Amazon.


Karen and Dorinda have become close friends.  They hatch a plan to get back at Preacher Glen.  When he walks into Karen’s house and sees red headed Dorinda in orange lingerie and dark haired Karen in white lingerie he is captivated by them.  Little does he know what Karen really has planned for him.  This sexy story includes domination, being tied up, a Creampie, heterosexual and lesbian sex.

Excerpt from Good Sister Bad Preacher 4: 

Karen peaked out through the spyhole in the front door and saw a very sweaty Preacher Glen on the outside of the door.  She turned to Dorinda.  “He ran over here, he’s all sweaty,” she said.

“Perfect, I like a clean man in bed.  He’ll see us in these outfits and want to get his shower on properly, won’t he?” she said with a gleam in her eye.

Dorinda was wearing an orange baby doll top with matching sheer panties and stockings.  Set against her light skin and fluffy red hair the outfit showed off the best of her in the best possible way.  She was wearing clear plastic shoes with a four inch heel and she felt sexy and powerful.  She also had a black riding crop in her hands and several silk straps.  No one ever said she was the most beautiful girl in the room but they often said she was the sexiest girl in the room.

Karen was wearing a basic white lace bra with matching panties, garters, and white stockings.  She wore four inch white heels and the sexy outfit gave her an added boost of confidence.  They were sexy and they knew it and they planned to have some fun with the preacher.

They both moved behind the door as Karen opened it.  “Come in, Glen,” said Karen.

He stepped inside and Karen shut the door behind him, which was when he got his first glimpse of the two women standing behind the door dressed to impress.  “I’m under dressed,” he said sarcastically.

“If you want to play with us then you need to shower up, preacher man,” said Dorinda as she brought the riding crop around for its first smack.  It caught the preacher on the side of his ass and he yelped.

“What the hell?” he asked.

“Go get clean so the real fun can begin.  We don’t want to punish you but we will,” said Dorinda.

This erotic story is intended for mature adults only.

Good Sister Sexy DreamThe Good Sister series of eBooks is really fun to write.  To celebrate the launch of the latest book, Good Sister Sexy Dream this book is only .99 cents at Amazon today and today only, Friday August 30th only.

Here’s some more information about it, and a link to purchase the book at Amazon

Karen’s sexual journey continues when her sexy step uncle Carl flirts with her.  She knows she shouldn’t think about Carl but he is a Navy man, travels the world, handsome, mysterious, single and a naughty flirt.  She falls asleep dreaming of him and meets Don, Carl’s twin brother, another sexy step uncle.  She and Don enjoy a sexy interlude and he helps her decide on the course of her life.

Excerpt from Good Sister Sexy Dream

“Whose pickup is that in your driveway?” asked Dorinda and they approached Karen’s house in her car.  Dorinda was giving Karen a ride home from school.

A month earlier Karen would not have believed that she would be hanging around with Dorinda now but it had become so natural.  They grew up together even though until recently they existed in two very different worlds with similar circumstances.  Dorinda had a reputation as The Sexy Slut and Karen was Miss Devout Christian Girl.  But Karen’s faith had been shaken when Preacher Glen blackmailed her into having sex with him and Dorinda had been there with advice and understanding, something Karen had a hard time even admitting to anyone else.  So she and Dorinda had become close once again and it was nice.

“That’s Uncle Carl, Bob’s younger brother,” replied Karen.

As Dorinda slowed the car down they both gazed at him as he stood talking with Bob and Brenda.  He was taller than Bob, standing just over six feet tall with dark hair.  He was wearing tight jeans that clung to his ass and legs and a tight t-shirt that proved how much time he spent working out.  His hair was still cut military style even though he had retired several years before.  And his face opened up into a big smile when he saw Karen.

This adult erotic story includes sexy adult situations, a story of the afterlife,  taboo sexual subjects and is for adults only.  Enjoy.

Good Sister Bad Preacher 3This story was just published, and today only the price is .99 cents at Amazon only.  Get it before the price increases!

Available at these retailers now:


Apple – Comign Soon

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Karen has recently gone from bible thumping goodie-goodie to sex starved college woman out to explore her sexuality.  She likes Dorinda but feels the need for a man.  She and Dorinda stop by the church after a late party to shower up before going home.  But Preacher Glen has other ideas and soon joins them in the shower for some bible flaunting sex with both ladies and a surprising ending.

Excerpt from Good Sister Bad Preacher 3: 

Karen knew she could sit back and watch Dorinda and Preacher Glen go at it once again, but then she wouldn’t enjoy the sex.  Karen had left her bra off when she dressed after the shower and her nipples were firm and on display.  The top in her gym bag had been a simple white blouse that traveled well, only in there as a backup blouse that was rarely used.

Both Dorinda and Preacher Glen were staring at her as she slowly unbuttoned the blouse, folded it and set it on his couch, then stepped out of her jeans.  Then she was standing in a sexy red lace thong and didn’t hesitate before stepping out of the sexy garment.

“What are you waiting for, Preacher?” asked Dorinda.

“Nothing,” he said as he stood and stepped out of his khaki pants, pulled down his boxers and removed his polo shirt.

This erotic story is intended for mature adults only.

Good Sister Sexy PartyKaren loves sex which goes against her religious upbringing.  So she confides in Dorinda, the school slut and one of the girls in the video shot in the church showers Preacher Glen was watching.  Dorinda talks Karen into going to a sex party that weekend, where she can watch or participate.  The party is filled with powerful people who enjoy sex parties with their friends.  Should she partake?


Apple – coming soon!

Barnes and Noble



Excerpt from Good Sister Sexy Party: 

Jason sat her back on the sofa and knelt in front of her.  She had a flashback to sitting on Preacher Glen’s couch, but this felt so much better and so much more right.  She wanted to be with Jason and he wanted to be with her.

Jason’s lips were kissing their way up her legs as his hands gently glided up and down them.  He rolled the tops of the stockings down until they rested just above her knees.  Then he began to kiss her thighs quicker.

“Oh, Jason,” she moaned.

She opened her eyes to see if people were watching and was surprised to find that everyone was wrapped up in their own little sexual tryst and no one seemed to be paying them any attention.  She felt more comfortable knowing that and laid her head back into the sofa.  Then she felt Jason sliding her thong to the side and his tongue reached out to touch her tender lips for the first time.  Without asking she pushed him back and relocated her ass so that she was sitting on the edge of the sofa, giving him much better access.  Then she lifted her legs into the air and he removed her thong and set it on the floor.

She knew enough of what she liked and pulled his head right back to her crotch, his tongue zeroing in on her love button and she moaned louder this time.  And this time she didn’t look around to see who was watching her.  She tried to think but the incredible sensations that Jason’s tongue were creating in her were taking up all of her attention.    He had slipped several fingers inside of her and she was rapidly heading for her first orgasm in a public place.  She knew it felt good and she was too into it to think of anything else.

This erotic story includes masturbation, mind control, taboo sexual subjects and is for adults only.  Enjoy.


Good Sister Bad Preacher 2Karen is blackmailed into returning to Preacher Glen’s study at the church but this time she has a plan to chase him out of town.  She may have to give in to his horny desires, but she was turned on when he touched her breasts and spread his sperm on them.  She needs an experienced lover now that she has lost her virginity to Nick. She will use Preacher Glen for sex until she can get rid of him.


Apple – coming soon!

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Excerpt from Good Sister Bad Preacher 2: 

As his mouth drew closer to her wet crotch his fingers reached up and gently stroked the small patch of neatly trimmed hair above her clitoris.  She found herself relaxing since it was clear that Preacher Glen knew his way around a female body.  He gently lifted her into the air and pulled her ass forward to the edge of the couch which made her body recline most of the way back into the cushions.  He then began kissing and licking her thighs again and his fingers lightly touched her.  The feeling was divine.  She opened her eyes as he lifted her up, positioning himself so he could lick her moist lips.  As his head reached forward her hand moved out and stopped him.

“I want a copy of the video of Dorinda and Mindy in the shower then I want you to delete it from your computer.  You do that and I will let you give me oral pleasure,” she said.  I hope he says yes, please say yes!

Preacher Glen looked at her and saw no malice in her face.  It was the same sweet face he had known for the past year and her look told him that she would do what he wanted.  “I’ll give it to you after,” he said as his lips reached forward.

Her hand stopped him again.  “The sooner you give it to me the sooner you can taste me,” she said sweetly.

This erotic story includes masturbation, mind control, taboo sexual subjects and is for adults only.  Enjoy.

Good Sister Bad PreacherKaren recently lost her virginity to Nick and asks her pastor for biblical guidance.  She tells him her secrets then he blackmails her into partaking in his twisted sexual fantasy.  She is cornered and has to go along, bearing her breasts for his taboo act of sex.  Her anger builds when she discovers he secretly video tapes the women’s shower in the church gym, but she is powerless to stop him.


Apple – Available soon!

Barnes and Noble

Kobo Books


Karen has always been a good-goodie.  Karen and Nick have gone to school together since first grade and dated several times over the years. They have kissed but nothing more.   Just when their relationship looks promising his dad marries her mom.  Now they have a sexy secret they can’t tell anyone.  The parents leave for their honeymoon and Karen decides it’s time to lose her virginity before she loses Nick again. She has sex with her new brother by marriage, Nick.

Once their parents return she feels guilty about having had first time sex with Nick and goes to meet with the pastor at her church to ask what the bible says about her having premarital sex.  When he leaves the study to speak with some workers she sees that he is secretly videotaping the women’s shower in the church.  Karen is dismayed and angry and confronts the pastor when he returns to the study.

That is when he blackmails her, telling her that if she tells his secret he will have no choice but to reveal her desire for sex before marriage which will crush her mother.  Then Preacher Glen forces her to remove her top and show him her firm college girl breasts.  Karen is on the swim team at her college and is in excellent physical shape and her naked torso turns the preacher on.  She is disgusted by the act but more scared of her mother finding out about her having had premarital sex, so she stands there in shame as he touches himself while touching her.

This erotic story includes masturbation, mind control, taboo sexual subjects and is for adults only.  Enjoy.

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