Posted by: Sean's Erotica | May 23, 2012

Erotica: Do you read, write, or read and write Erotica?

More than ten years ago I went to St. Martin for a two week vacation.  I fell in love with St. Martin, this island which is both French and Dutch down in the Caribbean.  While there I met some amazing people, including some of the sweetest and sexiest women ever.  I am in touch with some of them to this day thanks to email and Facebook.  On that trip a story idea sprouted in my mind, and that story became “A French Virgin”, to this day it is one of my favorite erotic stories.  “A French Virgin” wasn’t my first erotic story, but it has been a fun and endearing project for many years now.  Publishing it recently was  a great experience for me, and I am currently working on more sequels to the story based on reader’s requests.

We’ve published five books in the past month or so and are curious what your participation in erotica is.  Please take a minute to answer three simple poll questions by clicking on this link:

Erotica:  Do you read, write, or read and write Erotica?


  1. Just now discovering you! I always find it so much more intriguing to see men writing erotica. Enjoyed the poll! It gave me an idea to have one on my own site!

    • Thank oyu for the comment. The polls can be fun and are easy to set up. Enjoy!

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