Posted by: Sean's Erotica | March 13, 2013

You will love My Cousin’s Wife, Part Three: Amy, Jeni and Livia’

This ebook was so much fun to write. The story kept growing and changing, so i have some strong ideas for the fourth installlment. Here’s the info:

My Cousin's Wife Part Three: Amy, Jeni and LiviaThe day after Amy’s wedding begins with a sexy four-way with two other bridesmaids and Sean on the dining room table, and ends with cuckold Dave being punished while chained to his bed. Dave needs to be punished, and watching Amy have sex with another man is his ultimate punishment, and pleasure. This story includes oral and anal sex, multiple sex partners, and is for mature audiences only.

Amy and Dave have an arrangement regarding sex. She has enjoyed her own sexual escapades, and with the honeymoon delayed she intends to partake with her sorority sisters. Livia, Jeni and Amy prepare a breakfast feast, and once everyone’s appetite is sated fruit meets nipples, lips meet nipples, and the sensuous party moves forward again. The women are lifelong friends and have made love together since college, so doing it in Amy’s home is one more pleasure for them to share.

But Amy also wants to bring Dave pleasure, and makes a plan with Livia and best man Darien to give Dave exactly what he has been begging for. So Amy makes love to Darien in front of Dave while Livia makes sure Sean is satisfied. The sexy situations just keep on coming in this third installment of “My Cousin’s Wife.”

View the books at these fine retailers:

Apple – waiting on Apple to publish it!
Branes and Noble

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