Posted by: Sean's Erotica | May 20, 2013

New Book from Sean Brandon – Rules of Service, The Customer Comes second

Rule sof Service, The customer Comes SecondThe erotic story of Sean, Shannon and Jen continues with more sizzling hot sex.  This time Shannon’s sister-in-law Carly becomes part of the action.

After sexy redhead Shannon spends a sensual evening with Sean and Jen enjoying hot sex, she discovers her sister-in-law Carly followed her and suspects she is fooling around on her husband.  They drive to Sean’s house to confront him.  But naked Jen stands up to Carly and punishes her for violating Shannon’s privacy.  Enjoy three-way sex, oral sex and anal sex with the two redheads, Jen and Sean.

Carly is a meddling bitch whose own marriage is falling apart.  Instead of fixing her own marriage she fixates on Shannon’s marriage to her brother.  She has followed Shannon for weeks, and when she sees Shannon dressed sexy and enjoying a sushi dinner with Sean she feels she has all the evidence she needs to bust Shannon.  But she has not met anyone like Jen.

When they meet, Jen is naked and has just gotten out of bed from having some amazing sex.  Jen is already not happy with Carly for being a total bitch and interrupting her sexual adventure.  Carly is quickly put in her place by the feisty and naked Jen and the sexual escapades quickly resume.  Jen decides Carly must be punished and disciplines Carly then everyone joins in on the punishment.  Soon the three of them are spanking Carly and having oral sex, anal sex, digits inside each other’s bodies, and enjoying orgasm after orgasm.

Was Carly trying to intimidate Shannon or does she secretly want Shannon?  These two redheads face off naked, and the sexy tension builds.  This sexy story contains adult sexual reading material is erotica and includes oral sex, anal sex, sexual domination, dp, digital penetration, prostate massage and a very interesting revelation about  Carly’s true sexual interests.

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