Posted by: Sean's Erotica | May 28, 2013

New Sean Brandon book – The 19 Year Old Virgin Next Door

The 19 Year Old Virgin Next DoorA sexy erotic story about a girl losing her virginity and having an orgasm for the first time

Darla has flirted with Sean at the market she works at while attending college.  When Darla falls off her skateboard and scrapes herself badly Sean is there, and patches up her wounds.  She kisses him tenderly.  Her teasing becomes a seduction but ends because she is hurt.  Several weeks later she returns, and as the hot water of the outside shower washes down on them he takes her virginity.

Sean didn’t expect to see a wounded Darla on his sidewalk as he returns home from a trip.  He is tired and doesn’t need the drama.  But Darla is always the friendly checker at the market and he can’t leave her in pain and her parents are neighbors.  He carries her into his home and patiently cleans and dresses her bleeding leg.  She teases him as he works and soon the teasing starts to get hotter.  She removes her bikini top but he thinks it’s all just another tease and asks her to put it back on.  She doesn’t.  He asks her to call him Sean.  She doesn’t, preferring to call him Mr. Brandon.

When she returns from the bathroom she is naked, her white lacy thong dangling from her finger.  She tells him she is not teasing, and gives him another lingering kiss.  They kiss some more and he cannot conceal his excitement.  Her hands grab his growing hardness and she kneels down to give him oral pleasure.  But her own fresh wounds make it too painful and she has to stop.  She promises to continue at a later time.

Two weeks later she is at his home when he returns from playing volleyball on the beach.  She watches as he strips and walks under the hot water of his outdoor shower, then strips and joins him.  As the evening cools she takes him in her mouth as the hot water washes down over both of them.  The pleasure is intense as she stands up, turns around, and he enters her and takes her virginity.  It’s her first time and he makes it memorable.

This story contains adult situations including oral sex, sensual massage, intercourse, exhibitionism and other adult situations.

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