Posted by: Sean's Erotica | June 14, 2013

New Sean Brandon Book – Good sister Bad Brother only .99 cents today only!

Good Sister Bad BrotherKaren and Nick have gone to school together since first grade and dated several times. They have kissed but nothing more.   Just when their relationship looks promising his dad marries her mom.  Now they have a sexy secret they can’t tell anyone, but they are going to enjoy it.  The parents leave for their honeymoon and Karen decides it’s time to lose her virginity before she loses Nick again.

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Karen’s dad died about the same time Nick’s mom died and they found comfort in each other as it brought them closer together.  Nick is a football star on their college team and he has all the women he wants.  But he has always wanted Karen, yet he doesn’t want to push her into something they will regret later.  Karen is on the swim team and determined to become a doctor.  She also has a strong religious belief, which has been the reason their relationship has never gone far in the past.

One night after swim practice she stands in the rain watching Nick run his drills, the drills that improve his footwork and help make him a team star.  She’s getting colder by the minute, but watching him run his drills is very relaxing to her.  He offers her a ride home where they have to take off their wet clothes.  She sees him naked for the first time and her breath catches in her throat.  He sees her naked for the first time and he wants her now more than ever.

Their parents come home with the news that they’re getting married and Nick and Karen will be stepbrother and stepsister.  This is distressing news to the college kids, who were just beginning to explore their feelings for each other again.  Nick’s father slaps Nick and it releases some pent up anger in the boy.  When their parents leave for their honeymoon Nick has to release the anger built up inside of him and needs to leave, to find one of the cheerleaders and get help releasing the anger inside of him.  That’s when Karen decides that she is ready to give Nick everything he needs, and she leads him down the hallway to her bedroom.

This new adult short story contains oral sex, vaginal sex, and tender love scenes between two friends who become stepbrother and stepsister.  It is meant for an adult audience only.

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