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New Book – Good Sister Bad Preacher 2 – available at all major ebook retailers

Good Sister Bad Preacher 2Karen is blackmailed into returning to Preacher Glen’s study at the church but this time she has a plan to chase him out of town.  She may have to give in to his horny desires, but she was turned on when he touched her breasts and spread his sperm on them.  She needs an experienced lover now that she has lost her virginity to Nick. She will use Preacher Glen for sex until she can get rid of him.


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Excerpt from Good Sister Bad Preacher 2: 

As his mouth drew closer to her wet crotch his fingers reached up and gently stroked the small patch of neatly trimmed hair above her clitoris.  She found herself relaxing since it was clear that Preacher Glen knew his way around a female body.  He gently lifted her into the air and pulled her ass forward to the edge of the couch which made her body recline most of the way back into the cushions.  He then began kissing and licking her thighs again and his fingers lightly touched her.  The feeling was divine.  She opened her eyes as he lifted her up, positioning himself so he could lick her moist lips.  As his head reached forward her hand moved out and stopped him.

“I want a copy of the video of Dorinda and Mindy in the shower then I want you to delete it from your computer.  You do that and I will let you give me oral pleasure,” she said.  I hope he says yes, please say yes!

Preacher Glen looked at her and saw no malice in her face.  It was the same sweet face he had known for the past year and her look told him that she would do what he wanted.  “I’ll give it to you after,” he said as his lips reached forward.

Her hand stopped him again.  “The sooner you give it to me the sooner you can taste me,” she said sweetly.

This erotic story includes masturbation, mind control, taboo sexual subjects and is for adults only.  Enjoy.

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