Posted by: Sean's Erotica | July 11, 2013

New Book – Good Sister Bad Preacher – available at all major ebook retailers

Good Sister Bad PreacherKaren recently lost her virginity to Nick and asks her pastor for biblical guidance.  She tells him her secrets then he blackmails her into partaking in his twisted sexual fantasy.  She is cornered and has to go along, bearing her breasts for his taboo act of sex.  Her anger builds when she discovers he secretly video tapes the women’s shower in the church gym, but she is powerless to stop him.


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Karen has always been a good-goodie.  Karen and Nick have gone to school together since first grade and dated several times over the years. They have kissed but nothing more.   Just when their relationship looks promising his dad marries her mom.  Now they have a sexy secret they can’t tell anyone.  The parents leave for their honeymoon and Karen decides it’s time to lose her virginity before she loses Nick again. She has sex with her new brother by marriage, Nick.

Once their parents return she feels guilty about having had first time sex with Nick and goes to meet with the pastor at her church to ask what the bible says about her having premarital sex.  When he leaves the study to speak with some workers she sees that he is secretly videotaping the women’s shower in the church.  Karen is dismayed and angry and confronts the pastor when he returns to the study.

That is when he blackmails her, telling her that if she tells his secret he will have no choice but to reveal her desire for sex before marriage which will crush her mother.  Then Preacher Glen forces her to remove her top and show him her firm college girl breasts.  Karen is on the swim team at her college and is in excellent physical shape and her naked torso turns the preacher on.  She is disgusted by the act but more scared of her mother finding out about her having had premarital sex, so she stands there in shame as he touches himself while touching her.

This erotic story includes masturbation, mind control, taboo sexual subjects and is for adults only.  Enjoy.

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