Posted by: Sean's Erotica | July 11, 2013

New Book – Good Sister Sexy Party – available at all major ebook retailers

Good Sister Sexy PartyKaren loves sex which goes against her religious upbringing.  So she confides in Dorinda, the school slut and one of the girls in the video shot in the church showers Preacher Glen was watching.  Dorinda talks Karen into going to a sex party that weekend, where she can watch or participate.  The party is filled with powerful people who enjoy sex parties with their friends.  Should she partake?


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Excerpt from Good Sister Sexy Party: 

Jason sat her back on the sofa and knelt in front of her.  She had a flashback to sitting on Preacher Glen’s couch, but this felt so much better and so much more right.  She wanted to be with Jason and he wanted to be with her.

Jason’s lips were kissing their way up her legs as his hands gently glided up and down them.  He rolled the tops of the stockings down until they rested just above her knees.  Then he began to kiss her thighs quicker.

“Oh, Jason,” she moaned.

She opened her eyes to see if people were watching and was surprised to find that everyone was wrapped up in their own little sexual tryst and no one seemed to be paying them any attention.  She felt more comfortable knowing that and laid her head back into the sofa.  Then she felt Jason sliding her thong to the side and his tongue reached out to touch her tender lips for the first time.  Without asking she pushed him back and relocated her ass so that she was sitting on the edge of the sofa, giving him much better access.  Then she lifted her legs into the air and he removed her thong and set it on the floor.

She knew enough of what she liked and pulled his head right back to her crotch, his tongue zeroing in on her love button and she moaned louder this time.  And this time she didn’t look around to see who was watching her.  She tried to think but the incredible sensations that Jason’s tongue were creating in her were taking up all of her attention.    He had slipped several fingers inside of her and she was rapidly heading for her first orgasm in a public place.  She knew it felt good and she was too into it to think of anything else.

This erotic story includes masturbation, mind control, taboo sexual subjects and is for adults only.  Enjoy.


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