Posted by: Sean's Erotica | July 27, 2013

New Story – Good Sister Bad Preacher 3 – available at major ebook retailers now!

Good Sister Bad Preacher 3This story was just published, and today only the price is .99 cents at Amazon only.  Get it before the price increases!

Available at these retailers now:


Apple – Comign Soon

Barnes and Noble



Karen has recently gone from bible thumping goodie-goodie to sex starved college woman out to explore her sexuality.  She likes Dorinda but feels the need for a man.  She and Dorinda stop by the church after a late party to shower up before going home.  But Preacher Glen has other ideas and soon joins them in the shower for some bible flaunting sex with both ladies and a surprising ending.

Excerpt from Good Sister Bad Preacher 3: 

Karen knew she could sit back and watch Dorinda and Preacher Glen go at it once again, but then she wouldn’t enjoy the sex.  Karen had left her bra off when she dressed after the shower and her nipples were firm and on display.  The top in her gym bag had been a simple white blouse that traveled well, only in there as a backup blouse that was rarely used.

Both Dorinda and Preacher Glen were staring at her as she slowly unbuttoned the blouse, folded it and set it on his couch, then stepped out of her jeans.  Then she was standing in a sexy red lace thong and didn’t hesitate before stepping out of the sexy garment.

“What are you waiting for, Preacher?” asked Dorinda.

“Nothing,” he said as he stood and stepped out of his khaki pants, pulled down his boxers and removed his polo shirt.

This erotic story is intended for mature adults only.

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