Posted by: Sean's Erotica | August 29, 2013

New Book – Good Sister Sexy Dream – only .99 cents at Amazon Friday August 30th only!

Good Sister Sexy DreamThe Good Sister series of eBooks is really fun to write.  To celebrate the launch of the latest book, Good Sister Sexy Dream this book is only .99 cents at Amazon today and today only, Friday August 30th only.

Here’s some more information about it, and a link to purchase the book at Amazon

Karen’s sexual journey continues when her sexy step uncle Carl flirts with her.  She knows she shouldn’t think about Carl but he is a Navy man, travels the world, handsome, mysterious, single and a naughty flirt.  She falls asleep dreaming of him and meets Don, Carl’s twin brother, another sexy step uncle.  She and Don enjoy a sexy interlude and he helps her decide on the course of her life.

Excerpt from Good Sister Sexy Dream

“Whose pickup is that in your driveway?” asked Dorinda and they approached Karen’s house in her car.  Dorinda was giving Karen a ride home from school.

A month earlier Karen would not have believed that she would be hanging around with Dorinda now but it had become so natural.  They grew up together even though until recently they existed in two very different worlds with similar circumstances.  Dorinda had a reputation as The Sexy Slut and Karen was Miss Devout Christian Girl.  But Karen’s faith had been shaken when Preacher Glen blackmailed her into having sex with him and Dorinda had been there with advice and understanding, something Karen had a hard time even admitting to anyone else.  So she and Dorinda had become close once again and it was nice.

“That’s Uncle Carl, Bob’s younger brother,” replied Karen.

As Dorinda slowed the car down they both gazed at him as he stood talking with Bob and Brenda.  He was taller than Bob, standing just over six feet tall with dark hair.  He was wearing tight jeans that clung to his ass and legs and a tight t-shirt that proved how much time he spent working out.  His hair was still cut military style even though he had retired several years before.  And his face opened up into a big smile when he saw Karen.

This adult erotic story includes sexy adult situations, a story of the afterlife,  taboo sexual subjects and is for adults only.  Enjoy.

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