Posted by: Sean's Erotica | October 10, 2013

New Book – Good Sister Bad Preacher 4 – only .99 cents at Amazon today!

Good Sister Bad Preacher 4This new book is only .99 cents for today.  View it here at Amazon.


Karen and Dorinda have become close friends.  They hatch a plan to get back at Preacher Glen.  When he walks into Karen’s house and sees red headed Dorinda in orange lingerie and dark haired Karen in white lingerie he is captivated by them.  Little does he know what Karen really has planned for him.  This sexy story includes domination, being tied up, a Creampie, heterosexual and lesbian sex.

Excerpt from Good Sister Bad Preacher 4: 

Karen peaked out through the spyhole in the front door and saw a very sweaty Preacher Glen on the outside of the door.  She turned to Dorinda.  “He ran over here, he’s all sweaty,” she said.

“Perfect, I like a clean man in bed.  He’ll see us in these outfits and want to get his shower on properly, won’t he?” she said with a gleam in her eye.

Dorinda was wearing an orange baby doll top with matching sheer panties and stockings.  Set against her light skin and fluffy red hair the outfit showed off the best of her in the best possible way.  She was wearing clear plastic shoes with a four inch heel and she felt sexy and powerful.  She also had a black riding crop in her hands and several silk straps.  No one ever said she was the most beautiful girl in the room but they often said she was the sexiest girl in the room.

Karen was wearing a basic white lace bra with matching panties, garters, and white stockings.  She wore four inch white heels and the sexy outfit gave her an added boost of confidence.  They were sexy and they knew it and they planned to have some fun with the preacher.

They both moved behind the door as Karen opened it.  “Come in, Glen,” said Karen.

He stepped inside and Karen shut the door behind him, which was when he got his first glimpse of the two women standing behind the door dressed to impress.  “I’m under dressed,” he said sarcastically.

“If you want to play with us then you need to shower up, preacher man,” said Dorinda as she brought the riding crop around for its first smack.  It caught the preacher on the side of his ass and he yelped.

“What the hell?” he asked.

“Go get clean so the real fun can begin.  We don’t want to punish you but we will,” said Dorinda.

This erotic story is intended for mature adults only.

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