Posted by: Sean's Erotica | November 8, 2013

Madrid Affair with the Billionaire – only 0.99 on Amazon today only!

This is the new romance ebook from Sean Brandon.  Originally on sale for .99 cents Friday only, we are holding it over for only 0.99 cents through Saturday due to overwhelming response.  Pick up this sexy new book today!  This book contains sexy words but no dirty words!

Available for .99 at

Wayne and Sandi continue their secret affair.  After a presentation in Madrid, Armando invites Wayne and Sandi to his retreat on the Mediterranean Sea.  The cool sea air is only one of the ingredients that prime these two for love.  Sexy Armando and Julieta have engaged in many multi-partner swaps and they have their eyes on Wayne and Sandi in this passionate and sexy story.

Excerpt from Madrid Affair with the Billionaire:

The sun was rising through the French doors that opened to the Mediterranean Sea.  Sandi was sitting astride Wayne, their hips moving together, thrusting into and with each other.  Her hands were pressed into the pillows beside his head and she pulled their lips together.  She moaned as they kissed, feeling that stirring inside of her that meant release was on its way again.  She pushed up and away from his face even as her hips began to ride him faster, their bodies slapping into each other with each stroke, chasing the release she needed so badly.  During sex she could release everything for those few seconds before returning to her life as a widow.

Wayne liked to kiss and they did it as often as they could.  But much as she enjoyed kissing Wayne she needed the sexual release they shared.  She had abstained from sex for over a year after her husband died but the delay only increased her need for sex.

Their affair had started when she dropped the ball on a major project then took control of the Madrid project and helped them sign a huge contract.  She and a select group had flown to Madrid for the presentation which was a treat in itself.  The rest of the team had been staying in the same hotel and she and Wayne had decided they needed to remain discreet and not try to sneak away from the others for a tryst.  Their affair had been going on in secret for over a month now and they both were enjoying the sex.  Wayne asked Sandi to stay in Madrid while the rest of the team flew back to Los Angeles and she had happily agreed.  Wayne had become the CEO of a multi-billion dollar enterprise and had to think about perception, especially since they were in the perception management business.

Wayne pushed Sandi over onto her back causing them to separate, but he quickly lay on top of her and guided his firmness inside of her once again.  She gasped as he began to thrust into her even as he pulled one leg up and placed it on his shoulder.  He continued thrusting as he placed the other leg over his other shoulder, then took one of the pillows lying on the bed and placed it under her hips, raising her sex up to him.

He withdrew and started to kiss her breasts but she wanted something different.  “Inside of me, Wayne, now!” she called out as her hand found his hardness and pulled it to her.  Wayne thrust into her and increased the tempo.  He enjoyed a full range of sexual activities and had been exploring many of them with the lovely Sandi, but there was nothing as satisfying as a good hard pounding of flesh into flesh, taking them both toward the orgasmic conclusion they needed.


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