Good Sister Bad BrotherKaren and Nick have gone to school together since first grade and dated several times. They have kissed but nothing more.   Just when their relationship looks promising his dad marries her mom.  Now they have a sexy secret they can’t tell anyone, but they are going to enjoy it.  The parents leave for their honeymoon and Karen decides it’s time to lose her virginity before she loses Nick again.

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Karen’s dad died about the same time Nick’s mom died and they found comfort in each other as it brought them closer together.  Nick is a football star on their college team and he has all the women he wants.  But he has always wanted Karen, yet he doesn’t want to push her into something they will regret later.  Karen is on the swim team and determined to become a doctor.  She also has a strong religious belief, which has been the reason their relationship has never gone far in the past.

One night after swim practice she stands in the rain watching Nick run his drills, the drills that improve his footwork and help make him a team star.  She’s getting colder by the minute, but watching him run his drills is very relaxing to her.  He offers her a ride home where they have to take off their wet clothes.  She sees him naked for the first time and her breath catches in her throat.  He sees her naked for the first time and he wants her now more than ever.

Their parents come home with the news that they’re getting married and Nick and Karen will be stepbrother and stepsister.  This is distressing news to the college kids, who were just beginning to explore their feelings for each other again.  Nick’s father slaps Nick and it releases some pent up anger in the boy.  When their parents leave for their honeymoon Nick has to release the anger built up inside of him and needs to leave, to find one of the cheerleaders and get help releasing the anger inside of him.  That’s when Karen decides that she is ready to give Nick everything he needs, and she leads him down the hallway to her bedroom.

This new adult short story contains oral sex, vaginal sex, and tender love scenes between two friends who become stepbrother and stepsister.  It is meant for an adult audience only.

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New Sean Brandon book – The 19 Year Old Virgin Next Door

The 19 Year Old Virgin Next DoorA sexy erotic story about a girl losing her virginity and having an orgasm for the first time

Darla has flirted with Sean at the market she works at while attending college.  When Darla falls off her skateboard and scrapes herself badly Sean is there, and patches up her wounds.  She kisses him tenderly.  Her teasing becomes a seduction but ends because she is hurt.  Several weeks later she returns, and as the hot water of the outside shower washes down on them he takes her virginity.

Sean didn’t expect to see a wounded Darla on his sidewalk as he returns home from a trip.  He is tired and doesn’t need the drama.  But Darla is always the friendly checker at the market and he can’t leave her in pain and her parents are neighbors.  He carries her into his home and patiently cleans and dresses her bleeding leg.  She teases him as he works and soon the teasing starts to get hotter.  She removes her bikini top but he thinks it’s all just another tease and asks her to put it back on.  She doesn’t.  He asks her to call him Sean.  She doesn’t, preferring to call him Mr. Brandon.

When she returns from the bathroom she is naked, her white lacy thong dangling from her finger.  She tells him she is not teasing, and gives him another lingering kiss.  They kiss some more and he cannot conceal his excitement.  Her hands grab his growing hardness and she kneels down to give him oral pleasure.  But her own fresh wounds make it too painful and she has to stop.  She promises to continue at a later time.

Two weeks later she is at his home when he returns from playing volleyball on the beach.  She watches as he strips and walks under the hot water of his outdoor shower, then strips and joins him.  As the evening cools she takes him in her mouth as the hot water washes down over both of them.  The pleasure is intense as she stands up, turns around, and he enters her and takes her virginity.  It’s her first time and he makes it memorable.

This story contains adult situations including oral sex, sensual massage, intercourse, exhibitionism and other adult situations.

Rule sof Service, The customer Comes SecondThe erotic story of Sean, Shannon and Jen continues with more sizzling hot sex.  This time Shannon’s sister-in-law Carly becomes part of the action.

After sexy redhead Shannon spends a sensual evening with Sean and Jen enjoying hot sex, she discovers her sister-in-law Carly followed her and suspects she is fooling around on her husband.  They drive to Sean’s house to confront him.  But naked Jen stands up to Carly and punishes her for violating Shannon’s privacy.  Enjoy three-way sex, oral sex and anal sex with the two redheads, Jen and Sean.

Carly is a meddling bitch whose own marriage is falling apart.  Instead of fixing her own marriage she fixates on Shannon’s marriage to her brother.  She has followed Shannon for weeks, and when she sees Shannon dressed sexy and enjoying a sushi dinner with Sean she feels she has all the evidence she needs to bust Shannon.  But she has not met anyone like Jen.

When they meet, Jen is naked and has just gotten out of bed from having some amazing sex.  Jen is already not happy with Carly for being a total bitch and interrupting her sexual adventure.  Carly is quickly put in her place by the feisty and naked Jen and the sexual escapades quickly resume.  Jen decides Carly must be punished and disciplines Carly then everyone joins in on the punishment.  Soon the three of them are spanking Carly and having oral sex, anal sex, digits inside each other’s bodies, and enjoying orgasm after orgasm.

Was Carly trying to intimidate Shannon or does she secretly want Shannon?  These two redheads face off naked, and the sexy tension builds.  This sexy story contains adult sexual reading material is erotica and includes oral sex, anal sex, sexual domination, dp, digital penetration, prostate massage and a very interesting revelation about  Carly’s true sexual interests.

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New Book from Sean Brandon – A French Virgin, Part Three

A French Virgin, Part ThreeThis story has been over ten years in the making.  Thank you to those who wrote me about the previous chapters and asked for more, and for all of the positive (horny) comments.  Thank you.

Here’s the information about A French Virgin, Part Three.

Sean has hot sex with Angel and later her daughter Veronique, Roni.  Now mother asks him to have sex with Elsie, another daughter.  He took Roni’s virginity and now Elsie wants the same hot sex and orgasms Roni had.  This story, set in St. Martin in the Caribbean, is one hot sex episode after another.  It contains sensual oral sex, sex with two sisters, family sex and other adult sex subjects.

Sean has hot sex with Angel and later her daughter Veronique, Roni.  Now mother asks him to have sex with Elsie, another daughter.  He took Roni’s virginity and now Elsie wants the same hot sex and orgasms Roni had.  This story, set in St. Martin in the Caribbean, is one hot sex episode after another.  It contains sensual oral sex, sex with two sisters, family sex and other adult sex subjects.

When Sean Brandon flies to St. Martin in the West Indies for a vacation he expects a relaxing time.  On a local beach where the European visitors are mostly naked or topless, he meets Veronique and her mother Angel.  Veronique or Roni, is 19 years old and attending University where she plays volleyball.  It is normal for her to be topless on the beach, she is French.  She asks Sean for some beers to counter the scorching Caribbean sun, and then joins Sean on his towel for an afternoon of light conversation.  Sexy, light conversation.

That evening Angel invites Sean to their Penthouse Condo with an expansive view of the Caribbean.  In Part One, their passion ignites and they make love several times.  Angel then asks Sean to be her daughter Roni’s first lover.  “To initiate her in the proper way,” as she put it.  Part Two of this sexy story brought us the night that Sean took Veronique’s virginity and the two days of lovemaking they enjoyed.   Now, Elsie told Roni she has never had an orgasm and she is jealous of Roni.  Is this another one of Elsie’s manipulations or is it the truth?  Part Three picks up when Angel asks Sean to have sex with her other daughter, Elsie.  Sean and Elsie cast off on a magnificent yacht, sailing through the Caribbean around St. Martin to places of beauty and peace.

This intriguing story of Angel, Veronique, Elsie and Sean will keep you looking forward to each new page.

This ebook was so much fun to write. The story kept growing and changing, so i have some strong ideas for the fourth installlment. Here’s the info:

My Cousin's Wife Part Three: Amy, Jeni and LiviaThe day after Amy’s wedding begins with a sexy four-way with two other bridesmaids and Sean on the dining room table, and ends with cuckold Dave being punished while chained to his bed. Dave needs to be punished, and watching Amy have sex with another man is his ultimate punishment, and pleasure. This story includes oral and anal sex, multiple sex partners, and is for mature audiences only.

Amy and Dave have an arrangement regarding sex. She has enjoyed her own sexual escapades, and with the honeymoon delayed she intends to partake with her sorority sisters. Livia, Jeni and Amy prepare a breakfast feast, and once everyone’s appetite is sated fruit meets nipples, lips meet nipples, and the sensuous party moves forward again. The women are lifelong friends and have made love together since college, so doing it in Amy’s home is one more pleasure for them to share.

But Amy also wants to bring Dave pleasure, and makes a plan with Livia and best man Darien to give Dave exactly what he has been begging for. So Amy makes love to Darien in front of Dave while Livia makes sure Sean is satisfied. The sexy situations just keep on coming in this third installment of “My Cousin’s Wife.”

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I just published my new book, Love and Sex in Uruguay

Love and Sexin UruguayI just published my new book, Love and Sex in Uruguay. It’s a story that came to me while on a recent vacation to this amazing country, and I hope you will like it.  Uruguay was amazing in January; the US was cold and Uruguay was hot.  And then I met two college girls…

Anthony flies to Montevideo, Uruguay, because it is summer in Uruguay.  He needs to get away and put his divorce behind him.    Lia and Renci’s first trip from Argentina they meet Anthony, and he and Lia are pulled to each other.  He sees her beauty, loves her curves and her smile.  They have two days together and they move from their first kiss to dancing slowly, to Lia’s first orgasm.

They meet by the hotel pool, situated on the roof with a view out to the sea.  The setting is hot in summertime South America.  Anthony and the women enjoy a nice afternoon chat using their Spanish and English.  As the afternoon progresses it is clear that Lia and Anthony are focused on each other.  They both need to heal from a bad relationship, and the sexual tension in the air increases.  Lia’s face lights up when she looks at Anthony and he quickly forgets about his nasty divorce.  The romance they share is a once in a lifetime thing and they make the best of it.

This adult story features oral sex and sex between a man and a woman.  It is intended for mature readers only.

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Great website for erotica

@carleast246 has put together a great website for erotica.  Check it out today.  It will refer you to the books you want and need to buy!

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New ebook from Sean Brandon – Airport Orgasm: Revenge Sex

Airport Orgasm: Revenge SexA flight delay at the airport is the catalyst for this exciting erotic story of revenge sex.  Lori is married to a wealthy doctor who ignores her in bed.  With time on her hands in the airport she has lunch with Sean and the sparks begin to fly.  She’s a cheating wife who loves oral sex.  She’s not innocent, just discreet.  When the wife cheats the sparks fly and erotica at the airport begins.

Sean and Lori meet in the airport when their flight is delayed.  Lori has many offers to buy her a drink but she chooses to hang out with Sean Brandon, the one man who is not hitting on her.  They go to lunch and he finds out about her cheating husband.  Lori’s husband cheats on her with his nurses so Lori has flings when she can.  After lunch Lori presses the issue and she takes Sean to the airport bathroom where a roomy stall provides them all the privacy they need for a sexy adventure.  Lori has her first orgasm during intercourse and Sean has another interesting story to tell.

This erotic story contains adult material including sexual scenes, oral sex, erotica and adult language and themes.  It contains adult language and situations and is intended for a mature audience.

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New ebook from Sean Brandon – A Jilted Virgin in Maui

A Jilted Virgin in MauiSasha’s fiancé dumps her for a bridesmaid.  So Sasha flies to Maui to reassess her life.  Sean Brandon offers a glass of wine and a quiet place to sit and reflect.  As the waves of the Pacific Ocean crash below her, men and sex in Hawaii are very much on her mind.  This is a sexy story about Sasha finding herself and losing her virginity in Maui, Hawaii, when she should be on her honeymoon.

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New ebook from Sean Brandon – Billionaire Sex: The Office Affair

Billionaire Sex: The Office AffairAn affair in the office is not what Wayne wants but it is what he needs.  His wife Katie was killed in a tragic car accident while he was busy building his company and he needs to fall in love again.  Katie’s husband was killed in Afghanistan and she too needs to find love.  Like 50 Shades of Grey by E.L. James, this story brings together two unlikely people who find something better together.  Office Affairs are tricky but the reward is something a Billionaire’s money cannot buy.

Amazon US

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